MF1 - Myofascial Manipulation

University of St. Augustine

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  • Course Format: Live
  • Contact Hours: 20.0
  • Course Approval Status: Pending
  • Agencies List:
  • Practice Area(s): Manual Therapy
  • Course Fee: $595.00

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Description of Course/Objectives

Course Description:

This seminar deals with the evaluation and treatment techniques of myofascial manipulation. In order for the body to maintain normal physiological motion and postural efficiency, there needs to be freedom from restrictions in the myofascial unit.  The emphasis of this seminar is placed on the relationship of the soft tissue structures to the mechanics of the spine. The lecture component consists of discussion of functional anatomy, posture, soft tissue anatomy, both normal and pathological treatment principles and the biomechanics of soft tissue. Soft tissue techniques directed at normalizing function will be demonstrated and practiced for the hip, pelvis, lumbar, thoracic, sub cranial and cervico-thoracic spines. 

Learning Outcomes: 

At the completion of this seminar, the attendee should be able to: 

  • identify normal and abnormal postural components of the body with emphasis on the spine 
  • identify and palpate key anatomical structures for soft tissue pathology 
  • understand the interaction between soft tissue and joint mechanics to normal physiological motion 
  • demonstrate and practice analyzing soft tissue mobility and muscle “play” 
  • demonstrate and practice manipulative skills for myofascial dysfunction 
  • demonstrate and practice a clinical approach to the proper sequencing of treatment 
  • develop a basic understanding of the status of soft tissue research and connective tissue histology for rationalization of treatment principles 


Instructor(s) Bio

Robert I. Cantu, Assistant Professor 

  • BSPT University of Texas, Galveston, TX 
  • MMSc Emory University, Atlanta, GA 
  • MBA Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA 
  • MTC University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, St. Augustine,FL 

Mr. Cantu is currently a group director at Physiotherapy Associates in Atlanta. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Texas School of Allied Health Sciences in 1979. He also earned his Master of Medical Science Degree in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy from Emory University in 1988 and his Master of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University in 1995.  Mr. Cantu’s areas of clinical interest include evaluation and treatment of orthopaedic spinal dysfunction and lower kinetic chain dysfunction. 


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